LISTING TO THE NEW V2 Dual Tip Silencer Shroud - Please see the first image.

For those of you that purchased the v1 (more boxy look) we are happy to provide

$5 off the new style, if you are interested please message us.




Changes from v1 to v2:



formulated Rubberized inner coating for more noise reduction,

won't find that on the competition ;)


-Specifically printed

in ABS, far more heat resistance and durability/longevity.


-Widened the exhaust

tips for more air flow


Compatible Models:


Antminer: s9 s7 s5 t9 intake end z9

mini, intake end z9 full size, l3, l3+, whatsminer m1 m2 m3


Any bitcoin miner with a standard 120mm





Why choose our prints?


We understand your $$$ is  valuable. Don't overpay$25+ on a part that cost$5 or less to make... We're happy to entertain offers to help out our value customers.


With our shrouds we're happy to go the extra mile. We print with top quality ABS rather than cheap PLA. We add a layer of rubber coating to provide more heat protection and noise reduction, the whole unit is also coated in heat treated paint prior to the inner coating.



This silencer has been

designed solely by us,  ido3Dprints!




These also work even better when

paired with my INTAKE v2 silencer. Please

see my other listings.


I print them made to order!


Please see the screenshot from CURA they take about 16 hours to print.The exact screenshot is the settings that I use to print

these silencers.




I can accommodate any order!!!


Also check out the

video of this silencer in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs5tte85klU&feature=youtu.be






Please Note:

Noise reduction varies from setup to setup. See the video in the link above for

an exact demonstration.


Fast Track Option available which bumps your order to the top of our print queue. Our que can be viewed at: https://www.ido3dprints.com/print-que


About Us: We are a printing and design company. We utilize

10+  FDM printers and as of recently we

are now offering resin prints with our new SLA printers.  We are located in

Naperville IL. We ship

world wide and can handle any print size requested! Feel free to check us out

online as well as our other items!

Antminer s9 a3 l3 d3 t9 silencer 5” Shroud Cooling 120mm Fan duct Muffler Long

Fast Track & Polishing Options

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