Hello everyone and thanks for looking!


I am selling a: Replica Kimber 1911 Warrior (with hollow barrel)


This gun is spot on duplication to the actual thing.

-Whether you need a prop or are creating a decoration of some type this Kimber is really something spectacular.

-Has a hollow barrel, perfect for you personal modification



The item will be printed on demand when you order and it will take about  ~24 hours to print from the time you order.


Please see the screenshots. These are of the exact print settings.

Quality - Near production quality / Injection mold like

Resolution - 0.1

Infill - 40%

Material - White ABS (Strongest with the best finish)


Please note this does not weigh the same as an exact Kimber 1911, and per eBay policies this is not a firing gun.


Kimber 1911 Replica

Color Specification