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Hello everyone and thanks for looking!


I am selling our newly redesigned

Dual Tip Bitcoin Crypto Miner Silencer


Changes from v2 to v3

  • The overall size has been nearly doubled
  • Internal bafflings have been added and all internal intersections have been significantly rounded to improve airflow and reduce turbulent eddies
  • The output exhaust holes have been increased in size to follow engineering requirements and meet airflow demand. See chart below:



Common questions:

Compatible Miners:

  • Antminer: s9 s9k s7 s5 t9 L3
  • (Any miner that uses a 120mm fan is capable of using this item)


Why chose us or our products?

We understand your $$ is valuable, don’t settle for cheap knock offs. ALL our parts are made from ABS, unlike a lot of others that use PLA or PETG. ABS is by far the best plastic to use! (This is what 95% of car plastic parts are made from). This part also comes with a no melt guarantee.


Okay does it really work?

Short answer is yes

Will it make your miner purr like a kitty? No..

BUT it will take it from the sound of a jet engine down to a tolerable vacuum.


What about the Coleman cooler setup?

Yes, those definitely work! Downside with those, is your miner’s casing (Aluminum) is meant to act as a fully encased heatsink, when in the cooler your miner has no room to breath and can become heat soaked. But the choice is up to you!


Okay I want one, what’s next?

Once you order, your order gets added to our print queue.


Each order is made on demand, and each shroud takes 26 hours to print.


Antminer Silencer - Dual Tip - Exhaust 2021Version

SKU: 0001
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