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These are for the INTAKE side of the miner - this will work on ANY miner that uses a 5 inch / 120mm fan.


This is a modified version of my other Intake v2 Silencer - it has a flange mounted on both sides. 


The benefit to this is you can stack other silencers/connectors to this one. For example you can have the intake silencer attached to a 4 or 5 inch shroud to into a piping network.


Dimensions: 120x120x70mm


This will work universally on the intake or exhaust side but it has been designed to run on the intake fan in pair with my dual tipped exhaust. Please see my other items.  


This is based off the idea of a car exhaust system. This  has been designed with maximum airflow in mind. 


The main hole is a 120mm diameter with 3mm walls and will be printed in high resolution with PLA.


The color will be printed at random - depends on what I have the most of at the time of your order. 


If you would like another color option kindly choose the available option at check out. 


These also are printed on demand of each order. First come first serve. Please keep that in mind. 



Thanks for looking!

Antminer Silencer v2 - Intake Dual Flange

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