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*  That's right everyone! Stop buying the cheaply
made shrouds! We'renot aboutquantityfor higher profits!We want you to be
satisfied with
yourquality shrouds!

* Our shrouds are thicker, made of higher
temp resistant material, more rounded than others, were also the FIRST and
only to offer a no melt guarantee!



100% Designed by us! 

Please see the video (click link to the right):


I am selling a: 4/5/6 inch
Shrouds for any Crypto Mining Rig that uses a 140mm fan.

I guarantee direct fitment!

      -Direct for Avalon 921 and any miner that uses a 140 base!

Uses STOCK screws!

        -Whether you’re trying to tone down the noise of your machines or connect a heat
exchanger these shrouds will help get you there!


I have an abundance of these pre-printed. For
bulk order feel free to message me! We have access to 10+ printers and our
operation runs 24/7.


I personally guarantee the best prints for the price!

Quality -
Near production quality

Resolution - ~0.1-0.2 Variable

Infill  ~20%

Color will be at random – if this an issue please message prior to orderings.


Fast Track Option available which bumps your order to the top of our print queue. Our que can be viewed at:

About Us: We are a printing and design company. We utilize
10+  FDM printers and as of recently we
are now offering resin prints with our new SLA printers.  We are located in
Naperville IL. We ship
world wide and can handle any print size requested! Feel free to check us out
online as well as our other items!

Avalon 921 shroud 4 5 6 inch shroud any 140mm fan miner exhaust s9 see video

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