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Hello everyone and thanks for looking!


I am selling Cobb Access Port Mount for your Dash. Compatible with any Subaru / Evo

I guarantee direct fitment – you will not find these available any where else!

 With this adapter you can…

-Mount your adapter with out having to drill holes

-Have an straight clear view of your AP while tuning.


The item will be printed on demand when you order and it will take about  ~2-5 hours to print from the time you order.


Please see the screenshots. These are of the exact print settings.

Quality - Near production quality / Injection mold like

Resolution - 0.1 

Infill - 100%



What you'll need:

M3 Bolt: 10 - 15mm long should be fine

M3 nut


Peel the double sided tape off the original mount, and it should slide into the slot (tip, if you're having difficulty sliding the original mount into the 3D printed mount, use a lighter to slightly heat the slot, then slide the original mount into the slot. Slide the bolt through the hole, put the nut on, then screw the bolt into the stub. There is also a small bit of support included in the design, it's pretty obvious what you need to clip off after printing.


Cobb Access Port Mount 2015+ Subaru

Color Specification
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