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Hello everyone! 

Shout out: This project is made possible by one of our awesome customers for requesting this.
I am selling a 100% custom made:  
Evo X / Ralliart Defroster Vent Gauge Pod 52mm works on 08-15. 
This gauge is design to have the exact same viewing angle as the stock dash gauges.
I personally guarantee  great fitment with this vent gauge! 
    With this gauge mount you can.. 
       -streamline your gauge look
       -not have the over done riced out gauges everywhere look
Please see all the screenshots and images.
Note: This does not include any gauges just the vent insert. 

Evo x Ralliart Lancer gt es 08-15 Defroster Vent Gauge HVAC Pod SINGLE 52mm

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