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Hello everyone and thanks for looking!


I am selling Antminer Z9 120mm adapter shrouds. 


I guarantee direct fitment – you will not find these available any where else! Designed 100% by 


This adapter mounts directly to the back of your miner using the STOCK          screws. 


 With this adapter you can…

          -Connect another 120mm fan to improve cooling

          -Connect a 4 or 5 inch shroud in order to link this unit to a cooling pipe or heat exchanger

          -You can connect a custom silencer such as: Dual Tip Silencer (located on this store page).


The item will be printed on demand when you order and it will take about  ~3-4 hours to print from the time you order.


Please see the screenshots. These are of the exact print settings.




Z9 Mini 120mm Adapter Plate

Color Specification
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