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Customer Care

At i3Dprints we pride ourselves in providing amazing customer service as well his top quality print for a low cost. We prioritize customer service as one of our top priorities because after all with out our customers we are nothing. 

Privacy & Safety

We believe that the files you share with us to print to not get shared to others. We understand that what you created stays in your possession, and as your design! We do not share nor sell your custom designed files that are shared with us for printing purposes.

Wholesale Inquiries

Orders large and small we support them all! For large bulk orders please reach out to us for special pricing and accommodations.  Please email our customer service team at 


We initially got our start via eBay, and were blown away by the receptiveness of our clients so hey we decided to make a store front and run with it! We can make print any type of items for you! 

Payment Methodes

Payment Methods


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